Q. Will I really receive $10.00 for my old Rueneau T-shirt?

A. Yes! We will give you $10 Canadian dollars for your old Rueneau T-shirt!


Q. What condition do the Rueneau T-shirts have to be in for the Buy-Back Program?

A. We believe in the quality of our Tees, but know that after a time, our favourite white tees can look a little tired. The old Rueneau T-shirt has to be in good wearable condition, with no holes, and no oil or paint stains.

Q. What happens to the Rueneau T-shirt after I return it?

A. We will wash your old favourite Rueneau T-shirt, hand-dye it, and in some cases add embellishments, such as a logo or screen print and re-sell at a discounted price as part of our Anew Collection.

Q. How and where can we return?

A. Please bring your old Rueneau T-shirts back to us at any of our in-person events. Rueneau pops-up in various regions in southern Ontario. Please come to an event, most are free, and are a great way to browse other amazing Canadian small businesses!

Q. Can I have the $10.00 as a credit?

A. The Rueneau Buy-Back Program offers $10.00 cash for each Rueneau T-shirt or $10.00 off a new Rueneau T-shirt, we are not able to transfer Buy-Back to other styles.