The Tuxedo Shirt, a true classic! Made with 100% cotton, a stiff... 

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    Clothing that is wearable.

    Clothing that is small-run and locally made. Clothing made with quality natural fabrics. Styles that offer versatility, that can be worn over and over again. We make Classics that are comfortable and easy to wear and stylish.


    We love it all!

    Classics go with everything and that’s why we love them. A classic ads cool and relaxed to any outf it. Dress them up or dress them down. We love a tee with trousers, we love a tee with a leather skirt, we even love a tee for bed, but we are always and forever in blue jeans.


    Small-scale, locally owned businesses create communities that are more prosperous, connected, and generally better-off across a wide range of metrics. When we buy from independent, locally owned businesses, rather than national chains, a significantly greater portion of our money is then cycled back through our local economy, ultimately strengthening the base of our whole community.

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    Fabric drives every decsion we make at Rueneau. We source best-quality natural frabics from Canada and beyond. We seek out natural fabrics that ensure a gorgeous fit, feel and drape.

  • FIT

    Fit. Is. Everything.

    We work through various iterations of our styles in our technical design process to ensure our clothing is always polished, flattering and wearable.


    Our styles offer details that are versatile and are designed in a way to feature something functional, unique and wearable.


    Toronto Proud!

    We are proud and greatful to support and be supported by the best local talent in technical design and manufacturing. Our team is made up of stellar women who bring lifetimes of skill and knowhow to our brand.